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Joint Clusters :  Aviation Applications
 Transportation Science and Logistics Society

Session Information  : Tuesday Nov 09, 13:30 - 15:00

Title:  Joint Session AAS/TSL: Robust Airline Scheduling
Chair: Milind Sohoni,Indian School of Business, AC4-L1, ISB, Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500032, India,

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Title: Robust Scheduling using a Stochastic Model of Delay Propagation
 Presenting Author: Mazhar Arikan,Purdue University, 403 W. State St KRAN 446, West Lafayette IN 47907, United States of America,
 Co-Author: Vinayak Deshpande,Purdue University, 100 S. Grant St, West Lafayette IN 47907, United States of America,
 Milind Sohoni,Indian School of Business, AC4-L1, ISB, Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500032, India,
Abstract: Flight delays have been a growing issue and they have reached an all-time high in recent years. We develop stochastic models, using empirical data, to analyze the propagation of delays through air-transportation networks. We then analyze robustness measures for airline networks. Our analysis enables us to make policy recommendations regarding managing bottleneck resources in the air-travel infrastructure, which if addressed, could lead to a significant improvement in air-travel reliability.
Title: Robust Slack Allocation in Airline Schedules
 Presenting Author: Virot Chiraphadhanakul,MIT, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge 02139, United States of America,
 Co-Author: Cynthia Barnhart,Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Room 1-206, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA 02139, United States of America,
Abstract: We investigate slack allocation approaches for robust airline schedule planning. Different models and objectives can affect the distribution of slack in the system in different manners. We evaluate the impacts of the resulting schedules on various performance metrics, including passenger delays and delay propagation. Along with the empirical results, we provide a comprehensive discussion of model behaviors and how an airline's characteristics can affect the strategy for robust scheduling.
Title: Robust Recovery
 Presenting Author: Fiona Xiao,Georgia Institute of Technology, 771 Lindbergh Drive NE, Atlanta GA 30324, United States of America,
 Co-Author: John-Paul Clarke,Georgia Institute of Technology, School of AE, Atlanta GA, United States of America,
 Ellis Johnson,Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, 765 Ferst Dr NW, Atlanta GA 30332-0205, United States of America,
Abstract: For deriving robust schedules that are not vulnerable to disruptions, we present a methodology to incorporate degradability into the scheduling process, i.e. making the existing schedule partitioned into independent subsystems, which allows us to differentiate the level of performance for each sub-system.