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Cluster :  Railroad Applications

Session Information  : Monday Oct 25, 08:00 - 09:30

Title:  OR Applied to Railroads II
Chair: Edwin R "Chip" Kraft,Director, Operations Planning, Transporation Economics + Management Systems, Inc., 116 Record St, Frederick Md 21701, United States,

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Title: A Rail Car Distribution Model with Multiple Information Streams
 Presenting Author: Warren Powell,Princeton University, Engineering Quad, Princeton University, Princeton NJ, United States, powell@Princeton.EDU
Abstract: The classical car distribution problem assigns known (and possibly forecasted) cars and orders. In real applications, information about order quantities and attributes such as the destination of the order do not arrive at the same time. We present the results of a model that captures these information streams.
Title: Utilizing Operations Research Tools at CSX
 Presenting Author: Dharma Acharya,United States,
Abstract: The advancements in operations research techniques and the improvements in data quality have enabled railroads to improve railroad operations. The author will discuss his experience in utilizing various operations research techniques and tools in improving the operating plan and resource assignments at CSX
Title: A Decision Support System for Yard Closure Analysis
 Presenting Author: Jian Liu,Research Director, Innovative Scheduling Systems, Inc., 2153 Hawthorne Road, Gainesville FL 32641, United States,
Abstract: A Decision Support System for Yard Closure Analysis