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Cluster :  Tutorials

Session Information  : Tuesday Nov 07, 13:30 - 15:00

Title:  Tutorial: Game Theory in Supply Chain Analysis

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Title: Game Theory in Supply Chain Analysis
 Presenting Author: Gerard Cachon,Professor of Operations and Information Management, University of Pennsylvania, 543 JMHH, Philadelphia PA 19104, United States,
 Co-Author: Serguei Netessine,Assistant Professor, The Wharton School, 3730 Walnut St. Suite 500, Philadelphia PA 19096, United States,
Abstract: Game theory has become an essential tool in the analysis of supply chains with multipleagents, often with conflicting objectives. We discuss both non-cooperative and cooperative game theory in static and dynamic settings and outline game-theoretic concepts that have potential for future applications. We demonstrate the existence and uniqueness of equilibrium in non-cooperative games. A newsvendor game is employed throughout as an illustrative example.