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Cluster :  Data Mining

Session Information  : Sunday Oct 12, 11:00 - 12:30

Title:  Panel Discussion: Challenges Facing Data & Text Miners in 2008 and Beyond
Chair: Mary Crissey,SAS Institute, 17030 Vista Park Dr, San Antonio TX 78247, United States of America,

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Title: Text Technologies in the Mainstream: Text Analytics Solutions, Applications, and Trends
 Presenting Author: Seth Grimes,Intelligent Enterprise,B-eye network,
Abstract: Adoption of text analytics are growing at rates over twice that of BI-market growth, resulting in a $250 million global market. Text analytics continue to be in demand for the media & publishing, competitive intelligence, Voice of the Customer CRM, product management, and marketing sectors. Domains of practice are expanding into the future - to include monitoring social networks, online media channels, semantically enhanced search in the legal, tax & regulatory (LTR) sector.
Title: Top 5 Data Mining Mistakes
 Presenting Author: John Elder,Chief Scientist, Elder Research, Inc., 300 West Main St., Suite 301, Charlottesville VA 22903, United States of America,
Abstract: Discovering useful models from data can provide enormous returns. But, it is easy to analyze too far and “torture the data until it confesses”, dooming new situations to failure. A key to quality is to avoid “worst practices”. Dr. Elder will share his (often humorous) stories from real-world applications highlighting common, but deadly, mistakes. Come learn how to achieve success via stories of barely averted disaster. (Though the analytics are technical, the lessons have broad appeal.)
Title: CPMS Co-sponsored Panel Discussion with Experts from KDD, IIE, and JSM
 Presenting Author: Mary Crissey,SAS Institute, 17030 Vista Park Dr, San Antonio TX 78247, United States of America,
Abstract: Here is your opportunity to interact with experienced practitioners in the field of structured and unstructured data analysis. DM skills are increasingly in demand as more executives seek fact based decision support.Come learn how professional societies (JSM, IIE, KDD)can respond. During these 30 minutes computational, political, and ad-hoc challenges will be discussed as well as web 2.0 social media impacts.
Title: Data and More Data - The Challenge of Data Mining with More Data
 Presenting Author: Tom Au,AT&T,
Abstract: Corporations now capture more and more data from their operation and want to use them to improve their business. We will discuss the challenge of data mining with more data, the increasing difficulties in data management, integration, quality and privacy issues. We will then discuss a number of business problems that corporations are interested to solve in using data mining, and how the increasing volume of data affect the development of learning algorithms and models.